Kabel-X offers a new alternative to the telecoms industry. It delivers a bespoke, cutting-edge solution for the fast, efficient and cost-effective extraction of out-dated copper cables from their outer jacket; leaving an open conduit ready for fibre optic installation.

Offering genuine time and cost-savings whilst significantly reducing environmental impacts, Kabel-X’s unique patented system removes the need for digging up old copper cables.

Typically old copper cables are left in the ground and not recycled, whilst new trenches are dug to deploy fibre optics.

Now, using an injected solution, Kabel-X can extract the old cable from its original jacket, leaving the jacket in place and ready for the insertion of new fibre optics. Costs are further offset with the recovery and sale of the old copper core.

Trenching Costly, Time consuming Cheaper & Faster
Slot Cutting Noisy, Dusty Environmentally Friendly
Directional Boring Risks damaging other utilities No new duct or conduit needed
Direct Pulling Jammed cables or cable burn No need to pull the complete cable