It is fast, efficient and cost-effective and allows for the extraction of out-dated copper cables from their outer jacket; leaving an open conduit ready for fibre optic installation.

Innovation Technology

At the heart of the Kabel-X system is a patented release process that uses a fluid tailored to the cable type and prepared in Kabel-X’s European laboratories. On site, discrete access points are identified at distances typically 150 metres, but up to 400 metres apart.

The cable core is exposed via existing or newly dug access points, the pump attached to the core and the fluid injected under pressure between the core and the outer jacket along the section. This loosens the seal allowing a winch system to pull the copper core out. New mini-ducts are inserted along the section using the in-situ jacket as a channel. When all the ducts have been inserted the sections are joined together, ready for fibre optics or other cable to be inserted by various methods.

Simple Four Step Process

1. Assess the site

Existing cable cut at two points and pumps attached. Distance between cuts typically 100-150m but can be up to 400m.

2. Preparing the old cable

Patented fluid pumped between core cover and outer jacket.

3. Removing the old cable

Hydraulic winch pulls the inner core from the outer jacket.

4. Prepare the empty cable duct

Mini-ducts inserted into the empty cable jackets, and then fibre optic cables may be ‘blown’ to provide instant upgrade.