Kabel-X uses environmentally friendly methods of extracting cables from their outer jacket without having to dig them out of the ground first.

The approach adopted by Kabel-X presents a viable alternative to environmentally damaging methods of cable extraction. New technology and waste reduction presents an improvement to the process’s efficiency and reduces its carbon footprint, whilst also presenting the opportunity to recycle the extracted copper.

Less Traffic Disruption

A reduction in traffic congestion in city centres (against other methods) due to the fact there is no need to dig trenches or pits and the equipment required to extract and store the copper cable is smaller than that required to pull and store the complete cable.

Copper Recycling

The copper recycling provides an 85% energy saving over conventional copper mining methods.

Biodegradable Fluid

The fluid used to lubricate and allow the inner core to be extracted is biodegradable and hence harmless to the environment.

Copper Extraction

The extracted copper in most multistrand cables is up to 80% pure copper and hence the waste is significantly reduced resulting in a lower level of PVC and other non-recyclable products that usually need to go to land fill sites.

Smaller Carbon Footprint

Reduces your carbon footprint and costs due to the retention of the outer sheath which avoids the need to manufacture and deploy complete new ducting infrastructure.

Carbon Credits

The process offers the may offer operators or contractors the opportunity to claim ‘carbon credits’ for the use of this more efficient technology.