Fast-track replacement of copper core to fibre-optic core for the telecom, communication and power cable industries has been accelerated by an Austrian Arbitration Tribunal decision.

The Kabel-X process speeds cable upgrade by reducing the requirement to excavate existing cable, instead removing the copper core, enabling immediate insertion of new fibre-optics .

Previous uncertainty with respect to licence agreements for Kabel-X technologies has been removed. The focus is now on this valuable technology making a significant contribution to delivering improved cable infrastructure to meet the ever-increasing demand for data-rich communication.

A spokesman on behalf of the Licence owners, commented:

“We have made huge strides in understanding the range of Kabel-X process to a wide range of telecommunication cable types. The unequivocal decision of the Arbitration Tribunal lifts any uncertainty in respect of potential contractual agreements with third parties. We are ready to roll out the process to key markets around the globe.”

Kabel-X technology reduces the need to dig kilometre after kilometre of trench, instead simply replacing copper core with fibre-optic at greater speed and greatly reduced overall cost. Kabel-X has the potential to make a huge contribution to an increasingly inter-connected global market place, enabling faster upgrade to the high-speed data and communications infrastructure essential for organisational and economic competitiveness.”


The Abitration Tribunal decision is that: The Arbitral Tribunal ruled unequivocally that the Exclusive License Agreement entered into between the Licensors and Kabel-X Licensing Ltd. in June 2008 is in effect and binding on the Parties. The Tribunal also ruled that the Licensors pay the near full costs of Arbitration to Kabel-X Licensing Ltd.

Settled by Rules of Arbitration of the International Arbitral Center of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber in Vienna (Vienna Rules)

Advisors to Kabel-X Licensing:


Konrad & Partner Rechtsanwälte Gmbh

Salomonwitz Horak


Barratt Legal

Kabel-X Holdings