Replacing hundreds of metres, or hundreds of kilometres, of cabling is costly, time consuming and disruptive. Kabel-X delivers significant reductions in price, time and environmental impacts.

CLEANER: Reducing impacts on infrastructure and environment.

With our non-intrusive, no-trench systems we deliver a low noise solution that also cuts atmospheric dust and dirt. A by-product is the reduction of contractor traffic and a reduced requirement for road closures, as well as reduced impacts on pedestrians and residents. This makes Kabel-X a compelling proposition that will be supported by transport bodies and local authorities.

GREENER: Reduced carbon emissions from installation to operation.

Without the need for labour investment in digging new trenches and infilling, the Kabel-X system is significantly cheaper than any other method. Initial projects have demonstrated a saving in labour costs alone of some 80%. In addition the extraction system leaves the operator with redundant copper cable with a significant resale value.

CHEAPER: Up to 30% cheaper per kilometre.

The reduction in equipment and labour equates to a reduced carbon footprint. Lay alongside this the re-use of the old cable jackets, cutting material input, and the opportunity to recycle extracted copper, and Kabel-X puts forward a greener solution beneficial for all companies reporting on their sustainability impacts. Additionally, our patented release fluid is 100% biodegradable and made largely from natural products.

FASTER: Up to twenty times faster than existing technologies.

Depending on the location a team of 3-4 will extract 300-700m of inner copper cable per day using the Kabel-X process which leaves the old jacket in place with minibore ducts to take the fibre optics, versus a productivity of 20 – 80m per day for the conventional trenching method. In addition, in most cases, there is no need to aquire any permission or land access rights, nor is there a need to obtain special permits, and this significantly reduces the time from planning the extraction through to implementation. Because the process is environmentally friendly and uses biodegradable fluids this also aids the Faster story.