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Kabel-X delivers a cutting edge solution for cost-effective extraction
of out-dated copper cables from their outer-jacket without having to dig the cables out of the ground first.

The Kabel-X technology offers carriers and civil engineering firms a real alternative to old methods of fibre optic installation and copper recovery. It is suitable and viable in both urban and rural areas on most cable types. It is particularly valuable for directly buried or stuck copper cables.
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Please visit our service and management partner for enquiries in respect to Kabel-X process

Without the need for labour investment in digging new trenches and infilling, the Kabel-X system is significantly cheaper than any other method. Initial projects have demonstrated a saving in labour costs alone of some 80%.
The reduction in equipment and labour equates to a reduced carbon footprint. Lay alongside this the re-use of the old cable jackets and the opportunity to recycle extracted copper, and Kabel-X puts forward a greener solution for all companies.
With the current high value of recycled Copper, you can offset the cost of upgrading. Please contact the Kabel-X team who will help you quantify the potential savings in you region.